Small changes make a big difference.

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Every choice or decision we make affects us big or small. We can make little things big or big things small, the choice is ours everyday.

From the moment we wake to the second we sleep those choices travel with us from one second into the next and they weave a fabric that becomes apart of us, shaping and molding us, our attitudes, our mind sets.

The beginning of the day is one of the most important because it sets a tone for the rest of your day, even if you had a bad night, your morning is a new chance to change and not allow that to be apart of your fresh start.

Here are three tips that can help you start your day.

1. Pray / Meditate

Picture all your stresses that the day holds, place them on a plate in your mind and give them to God / the universe whatever you prefer and leave them there knowing they will be handled.

2. Expectancy

Expect good things to happen to you and through you, its a never ending circle of goodness, if you want some you're gonna have to give some.

3. Be thankful

Being thankful for all you have and all you're about to receive.
Taking inventory is a great way to remind yourself how much you have accomplished.

I know that when I started making this apart of my morning I have seen some great changes, I hope you do too.

How do you get your morning started?

Have a great day, stay blessed :)

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