Don't allow others to determine what you believe

I feel that there is a problem with organized religion.
I feel people have taken God out of the equation, using his message to corrupt people.

People are paying to much attention to the messenger and not the message, having a relationship with God isn't about a building, the clothes you wear, it has nothing to do with anything you do or do not do.
It's not about you, it's about what he has done for you and what he has yet to do with you.

There is nothing on this earth that you can do to earn your salvation, only he can do this.

People feel the need to do things to gain God's favor.
God's favor is free, God's love is free, God's grace is free.
All we have to do is accept it.

Its not about who is preaching, it's about what they are preaching, man will fail, fall and stumble.
Your faith is not about that man, its about The man.

Don't allow others to determine what you believe,
find out for yourself.

Church is not a bad thing, it's the people in church that scare me.
People who take things out of context, people who ride on one scripture.

I'd rather deal with an atheist, then a lifelong holy roller who has been filled with religion.

Sometimes you need to start over with God.
Fresh, clean slate, you and him, one on one.
Have a personal relationship with him.

It's not about you not praying enough,
It's not about you attending church, 
It's not about you quoting scripture.

It's about you knowing the author and finisher of your faith.

It just makes sense.

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