Opening up to God.

Okay, first one of these, lets see how it goes.

God is always there.
He is there for every minute, every second for all eternity. I am a strong believer in having a personal relationship with God, My prayers have become more like conversations, rather then prayer.

Don't get me wrong, people think I am insane, once I asked a shopping cart why? That's what the woman at the grocery store thought, but no, I was talking to God.

Anywhere, anytime. He is always there.

I went from Lord help me financially to Lord I need X amount of dollars, sure I still mention my wants, but I don't just cover and area, I get specific.

I will write a future post about why I feel prayers aren't answered.

I get very personal, this is something I would do with no mere mortal.
He's a great listener.
He doesn't judge.
He wont hold a grudge.
The best part is He is always there and its free ;)

So, next time you pray, open up, pour your heart out, He made it anyway.

It just makes sense.

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