What happens when you feel you need to change your blogs niche?

A blog is a representation of yourself, your thoughts, views, etc.
It will change and morph as you grow and find your voice.

Trusting God.

Trusting God is hard, I'm not gonna lie.
It isnt a easy thing to do. By trusting God you are surrendering your will to his.
You are letting go of the wheel and giving him control.


Opening up to God.


Don't allow others to determine what you believe

I feel that there is a problem with organized religion.
I feel people have taken God out of the equation, using his message to corrupt people.


6 ways to get people to open up to you.

Getting someone to open up is hard, people have learned not to trust other people.
Weather you are looking to uncover a truth, discover a lie, we all want the real deal, nobody wants to be lied to. 


You're just not ready.

People often ask why isn't this happening? When will this happen?

The answer is when you're ready.


You are still in the game

With everything that goes on in our lives whether good or bad we all have one choice, either we can allow these circumstances to overwhelm us and swallow us up whole and devour our mind, body and soul or we can use these instances to shape and mold us, give us tougher skin, make us wiser.