how to create a custom bloglovin' button

how to create a custom bloglovin' button

Hey there, Today I wanted to show you all how to create a custom bloglovin' button, yes bloglovin' has some nice buttons, but they aren't always the best look for a blog layout, so I decided to make a more personal one that goes more with my blog design.

The first thing you will need to do is create a graphic, which can easily be done with any basic software including one of my personal faves, Pic Monkey. If you haven't heard about it or tried it, then now is the time.

Create a button of any style, but make sure your "follow on bloglovin'" statement is visible.

This is one that I made to better suit my blog look.
simple short and sweet, I always add a heart when I can, when I refer to bloglovin' it just makes it cuter for some reason.

Now for the Technical side, here it will get a bit tricky, but I am sure you can handle it. If I did it, you can too.

1. Get your bloglovin' url.

This can be found my clicking your follow bloglovin' button on your blog.
copy and paste that URL somewhere for late use.

2. Upload your image to blogger.

I like to have my images hosted on blogger rather than a third party site, because you never know and I hate those red X's.

How to do this.

For those of you who don't know how to have blogger host your images, here it goes.

create a new post and place your image into the post.
click on the image to highlight it, then go over to the link button, this will give you a pop up asking you for the URL you want the image to point to whenever it is clicked. This is where you would use your bloglovin' URL you saved earlier.
once this is done In the top left corner of your screen you will see two buttons Compose and html, click the html button and you will see the code for your image, copy and paste the complete code somewhere for later use or wherever you would like to put this link, picture, thingy.

Do not publish this post, just close it.
Go to your blogger layout and choose where you would like the image to be placed using the HTML gadget in blogger. Copy and paste your code, save arrangement and you are good to go.

I hope this helps and if I have confused you in any way I am truly sorry and will help in anyway, contact me if you get lost.

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