My Personal Disclaimer

My Personal Disclaimer.

I decided to create a personal disclaimer, to help you better understand what you 
are about to read or whatever while you're on my blog.

I loved my hair that day, it was awesome;)

I am 39. I am opinionated and most of the time i'm misunderstood by everyone. I only went to the third grade, so get used to the grammatical errors (yay auto correct).

I started blogging because I love to write, I always have, even though I wasn't good at it. My grandma always had me write the blank side of the cards she would give to family and friends. She said I should work for hallmark, but I always hated them, they never had cards for people you felt blah about, or even disliked, so that wasn't for me. Any time someone need to fight or argue a point on social media IG, Twitter, FB, 
I was the one they called in. This is not to toot my own horn, just stating a fact.

What you will read about here on the blog are my thoughts, ideas and concepts on life and other such matters as they arise in my head. I will say the four letter words such as fuck, shit, ass,, etc..
I will say gay, but never faggot, homosexual if I feel the need to. Lesbian, but never dyke, I don't like the way the word dyke looks anyway. I am not a racist, although hitler and his crimes against humanity are very interesting to me. I never use the N word unless its in a song I like, does that make it o.k? 

I like writing when I am angry, frustrated, sad, upset, or any other not good mood a person can be in.

I talk a lot about and to God, Hes all I got to keep me going in this world. He is my hope in humanity, He is my brighter day. So, if that ain't your cup of tea, fine, if it is fine. I dont like when people push it down my throat, I won't do it either.

I change my blog look a lot and do a lot of futzing around with it, so it wont look this way or any other way for long, I also post about that kinda stuff to from time to time.

I am weird I know, but if I don't write, i'll die.

I am me and I am going to say whatever I please, this is my blog, right?


  1. I also have a tedency of expressing myself the way i speak and i tend to say things direct so thats how i write i also profanities my spelling is not on point always but i say it how it is