Keep your eye on the prize.

keep your eye on the prize

We tend to get overwhelmed  at times, its apart of life. at these times we can lose track of our goals, aspirations and intentions.

How many times have you had to change gears at the last moment and you were redirected.
I know I have been through this a few times, its life.

As followers of Christ we have two main objectives.

Our Objectives:
1. To stand in the Presence of the Lord for all eternity.
2. To love one another as Christ loves us.

Sometimes this is hard to do, so what I have learned to do is keep my eyes on him and not pay attention to what is happening around me.

keep your eye on the prize

When I get overwhelmed, I always think of Peter, when he was in the water trying to get to Jesus, but began to sink on account of his lack of faith. He was paying more attention to his physical surrounding, rather than his God.

Think about it, in a dark body of water, rising and falling, all he had as a marker was Jesus.
calling out to him, Jesus reached out and pulled him to safety.

This happens everyday, the waves of life are rising and we are unable to see where we are headed, but keeping our eyes on him and not the crashing waves he will guide us through all our storms.

He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.
Romans 4:21

When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.
Psalm 91:15

Not only is He able, He is willing.

Have a great day, stay blessed :)

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