Christians and Gay Pride

Christians and Gay Pride

I am not gay and neither is my husband, but we have some friends that are. We went to the Gay pride festival on south beach in miami. It really wasn't much different than any other saturday on south beach, beautiful atmosphere, beautiful people, food and music. So enjoying the day and the festival, we came across a group of people, who were setting up for some kind of rally. As I was walking through the crowd I noticed my husband was talking to a man, as I approached them I began to hear tidbits of the conversation and they were calmly discussing God, so I walked by going to another booth. When I turned around I noticed a woman holding a sign stating something pertaining to "Repent or you're going to hell", "you're living in sin", etc.

My stomach turned, not because of their message, everyone has the right to think what they want, but the thought that someone in the world has the audacity to judge another human being for a lifestyle choice, yes I don't have to agree or like their decisions, but to judge them and send them to hell, umm, yea.., no.

Yes, I know God doesn't like or approve of homosexuality, but He also hated, drunkenness, prostitution, orgies, adultery, etc.. Why aren't we sending murders to hell for killing babies? But we are praying for them and the gay man or woman we are sending them to hell no take backs. Makes no sense to me.

If you don't like what someone is doing or you feel a burden to help them find a way out, yelling at them with a bullhorn, holding a sign sending them to hell isn't the way to go. At least I don't think so.

As christians I think they should show more faith instead of hate. Jesus ate and drank with sinners, He didn't send them to hell, He died for them.

What most christians seem to forget is that, God loves all of us, gay, prostitute, adulterer even the murderer, yes he loves him too. Its not our job to make them not gay, its our job to introduce them to jesus, not through a yelling match, but in a normal human conversation. Better yet, why not just make friends and let them ask you about God?

Why are people taking God's message and using it in a way that condemns people instead or freeing them?

Why do people want to hurt other people with love? God is love, right?

I love you Jesus, its your fan club I have a problem with.

Where did the message of love get so screwed up?
I am not saying these people don't know love, but what I am asking is 

"Can you teach love through hate?"

I dont think so.

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