You are still in the game

With everything that goes on in our lives whether good or bad we all have one choice, either we can allow these circumstances to overwhelm us and swallow us up whole and devour our mind, body and soul or we can use these instances to shape and mold us, give us tougher skin, make us wiser.

My husband and I went on what we call the funeral tour. Between november and through january we cared and buried three people, who were pretty important to our lives, my dad, his aunt and finally his dad. 

My dad had cancer for four years before it took his eye sight and killed him. He wasn't very happy, within those four years he lost two sons, our family hasn't been the same since.

His aunt got old I guess and was basically on her own, she passed away as a jane doe in a local hospital, we had to search for her, his brother was the one who found her in the hospital. Pretty scary when you have to call hospitals looking for a loved one.

His dad died in bed watching T.V with his wife, remote in hand. It came out of the blue with no signs, just a heart attack. 

This all happened over the holidays. We could easily break down and lose it. The deaths were honestly the easy part, but the aftermath was worse. There were fights and arguments, you really got to see people's true colors. If you ever want to see where everyone is coming from, bury a family member, thats when you see everything clearly.

All I seen was lost people, confusion, defeat. I could jump on that bandwagon and wallow in my loss, so can my husband, but thats not the route we chose to take. 

We decided, to live and be happy.

Yes life is going to throw you a curveball, yes life will knock you down, but you are still be in the game.

I am not telling you to not pay attention to your problems or situations, but I am telling you to not allow them to become apart of you.

Your problems are things you are going through, not who you are.

Even when I walk through a valley of deep darkness, I will not be afraid because you are with me. Your rod and your staff—they comfort me.

See, Walking through, not stuck, not standing, not living in, but walking through. Problems come and go, but your still here. Don't allow a temporary situation, person or thing stand in the way of your happyness.

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