Trusting God.

Trusting God is hard, I'm not gonna lie.
It isnt a easy thing to do. By trusting God you are surrendering your will to his.
You are letting go of the wheel and giving him control.

He created the heavens and the earth.
He created everything in it, including you.

Now if he created you and knows everything about you, how is it that he wouldn't bless you with the things you want or need.

God loves us perfectly, even if that means protecting us from ourselves the things we want may be bad or have a negative impact on us, we don't know, but He does.

God protects us, watches over us in ways we cant even imagine.
Placing all your worries, troubles and burdens at his feet, knowing He will handle it is a wonderful thing.

Trusting God isn't easy but its a way of saying I surrender to his will for my life.

I trust God because he is always makes a way, he is always right.

It just makes sense.

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