You're just not ready.

People often ask why isn't this happening? When will this happen?

The answer is when you're ready.

God works on this crazy idea that things have to be ready.

Ready to use, be seen, be heard, be read, be eaten, be drunk, be smelt, be tasted. 
Everything around us needs time, time to become what it needs to become. 
This also includes us, What if you got hired at your dream job at 10 years old?
How do you think it would go? 

See, God knows what, when, who, why you are going to be who you
are, when you're going to become them and what will bring you to that point.

If there is something that you desire or want and you question why hasn't it happened yet.
The reason is you're not ready. 

There are lessons, things we all must grow to learn and understand in order to get to the next level, no life isnt a game, but it is a ladder of sorts. Each milestone is another step higher, higher to what? I don't know, that will require another post.

The good news is that its on it way, Just cause it ain't here yet doesn't mean it isnt going to happen.
Know that your happiness is top priority and everything is falling into place for you.

Thank God we are not in charge.

We have to cook a bit, allow us to become ready. If we stir too much the food won't cook properly.

Heres a thought, try saying this out loud to yourself.
I am right where I am supposed to be at the exact time I am supposed to be.

Hows that feel?

I am looking for any insight you guys might have on this type of post, I need to know, thanks :)

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