Changing the way you think can change your life.

Your thoughts tend to put you in a certain mood. 

Changing the way you think can change your life.

Turning off your negative thinking, can change your outlook.
If you're thinking of negative things you will get in a grumpy or bad mood.
If you're thinking about happy, joyful thoughts, you will be in a more uplifted, nicer mood.

Think positive, get positive.

Its that simple. Concentrating on what you have will impact in a positive way rather than concentrating on what you don't have and hoping it will come to pass.

If you are going in two directions how can you get ahead?

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, is one of the worse things you can do, by dividing yourself like that, you setting yourself up for disappointment. You wont be able to move, you will become dormant.

Thoughts become reality.

Think of the things you want and desire, don't think of these things in a lacking, without way.
Dont even think of them in a hopeful, one day way.

Instead, try thinking of them as if they are already happening or have happened.
Be thankful for them and they will manifest.

Be thankful.

If you appreciate little things, big things will come. Be thankful for as much as you can, family, friends, home, car, finances, health, etc.. By doing this you are sending out a message, that lacking or being without isn't apart of your vocabulary and what you don't know can't hurt you. 

I am not saying walk around with your head in the clouds, but keep your eyes on the bright side of things.
yes, we all have our dark times, but a piece of art would be very boring without some dark colors, its all apart of the master piece and the best part is you're the artist! 

Yes there, I said it.
We all have it in us, we all have a choice. The choice is yours on how to live the life you want. 

Maybe your thinking about giving up or throwing in the towel, well, I wouldnt. If you ain't where or how you want to be, then you ain't done yet, you still have some more to go.

Maybe your tired and don't have anymore push left. Well, by the looks of it, you ain't going anywhere anytime soon, you're still here. What have you got to lose? 
How do you want to spend the rest of your days, coulda, shoulda, woulda?
Or spend your days telling people how you did, done and have?

The choice is yours and there is no better time to start, then right now.

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