Women have become the men who broke their hearts.

What I do for a living.

What I do for a living is very different than an average 9-5. I do this from my home, which is super convenient. I work on a help line, and its not easy hearing peoples problems everyday, I have been doing this for over 30 years and let me tell you something, you all are screwed up. I am screwed up too, but that I have to hear it everyday for hours, I get a pass.

somewhere down the road people, humans, lost their way and got so caught up in the shit of life, that they all forgot their value or worth, especially women. Guys go through it too, but majority of my clients are female. But this applies to everyone.

"Women have become the men who broke their hearts."

I read this on instagram once and it really set with me. I was like omg, yes this is so true. I see and talk to women all day who have put themselves in the drivers seat and took control of their lives and for this I commend you, you have decided that you weren't going to give control of your happiness to no one.
That having a relationship wasnt about that person making you happy, it was about you sharing your happiness with someone who wants to share their happiness with you and it wasn't something you needed, but wanted.

"Everybody wins."

Ok, The number one question I get a lot is. "Do you think I will ever find a partner in life?"
The answer is yes, Everybody gets that special someone, everyone finds their soulmate/partner or whatever you wanna call them. There is a someone who will love you perfectly, who will be the other half of you and you will just fit and the best part is, you don't have to do anything to get it. All you have to do is be you and go outside and do what you do. Hell, you don't even have to go outside, with social media I think we are going to end up like those people in WALL-E from Pixar. But either way it requires no effort from you, except hygiene of course.

"Will they ever call me again."

Truth is probably not, but maybe they will, who knows. I have seen many people who have been separated for years and reunited unexpectedly in minutes, once again thanks to social media. The real question is, why are you wasting valuable time on something that may or may not happen. 

Where do YOU fit into all of this? When did you take the back seat to someone who isn't, even giving you the time of day? Did they do something magical or miraculous? This is a trick I learned along the way. 

Stand in front of a mirror and size yourself up and be brutal, be honest, you can't lie to yourself, because you will know you lied and you will never be the same again, so just do it. 

You have body, you have a mind, you have a soul. There is nothing wrong with you, that you feel you need to forget who you are, where you came from, where you are and where you're going.

"The Pursuit of Happyness."

"The action of following or pursuing someone or something.
synonyms:striving toward, quest after/for, search for;"

Happyness, yes I know it's spelled wrong, but I like the way it looks ok? It's happier than happiness.
anyway, it's something you go after, not put on hold and wait for a person, place or thing to show up.
think about it, while you're out there being happy on your own, someone will pop up and you can be happy together.

I cant help it, I refuse to live in a world of no hope, I cant, I won't, I said NO!
I went through a lot personally relationship wise, my dad once said you're the worse person to give relationship advice, I replied.

"With all that I have been through in relationships, in life and I am still here, breathing and functioning? Shit, im a fucking pro."

Anyway, thats what I feel about that today.

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